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The JetKor History

1999: Sherri loses her senses and starts a business

2000: JetKor parties like it's 1999

2001: JetKor releases 1st StoriBook™ CD, 10-years too early

2002: A lot of time is spent in the recording studio

2003: JetKor spreads into the music industry & 3D

2004: Sherri takes a short sabbatical to the stars

2005: Gotta love album covers

2006: Web development, need we say more

2007: Sherri meets strange person at restaurant & makes him her Art Director

2008: Websites and more websites

2009: Sherri has another brainchild

2010: JetKor celebrates a record year

2011: How about a little animation?

2012: The answer is 42

2013: We say goodbye to a dear and creative friend

2014: Sherri sees a video life

2015: Transition never stops. Time to get our VFX and VR on!

About UsAbout the JetKor team


JetKor's creative flood gates opened May 1999. Initially, owner Sherri Del Soldato, thought she would bring her scientific background into the public domain. Her initial vision for the company was weather consulting and education. Hence the company name, JetKor. The jet core is the center of the jet stream containing the highest energy and is a driving force behind all weather patterns. Quickly, Sherri realized the public liked the free weather information from her former employer, the National Weather Service, and she needed to take her skill-set another direction.

Technical writing and graphic representation is a part of any scientist's career. So Sherri applied these talents to technical writing, publishing, graphic design and web development. In fact, Sherri is one of the pioneers of children's ebooks. Unfortunately, she was about 10-years ahead of her time and had progressed past publishing by the time tablets propelled the ebook market forward.

Surrounded by an exceedingly talented design team, JetKor has transformed into a visual design powerhouse; always ready to push the design threshold. While the rest of the industry focuses on Web 2.0, we're looking for ways to move towards Web and now Video Production. One of our first mottos was, "Dreams are Reality. Dare to Make Yours Real"™. If you can dream it, we'll bring it to life and to the next level.